Why Should You Take The 2017 Roadcheck Seriously?

ROADCHECK 2017 The CVSA’s Annual International Roadcheck Inspection blitz will be held on June 6-8, 2017. Although CARGO SECUREMENT will be the main point of emphasis for inspectors this year, drivers must be ready for a Level 1 Inspection. LEVEL 1 INSPECTION Inspectors will primarily be conducting the Level I Inspection, which is the most […]

2 Driving Records?

Did you know that professional truck drivers have TWO driving records? One is their Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), like we all have.  In addition, they have a second record called CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability).  Their MVR affects their license to drive a truck.  Their CSA score affects their insurability. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: When […]