Need an A/R Makeover?  A Quick 5 Item Best-Practice Checklist

Technology has allowed businesses to make substantial improvements in their customer invoicing processes.  The good news is that when you implement these technologies, you will almost always get paid much faster. If it’s been a few years since the last time you’ve changed your accounts receivable processes, it’s time for a new look.  Here are […]

Top 4 Mistakes By Small Business Owners

Article Highlights:  Reporting employees as independent contractors Not reconciling bank accounts regularly Forgetting to record payments against open invoices Not understanding the differences between cash flow and profit When you decided to open for business, you had a vision for the future. You identified a need and came up with a solution you could provide […]

Is There An App for That?

The technology side of the accounting industry is rapidly changing and expanding. Literally hundreds, if not thousands of new companies and new software applications have sprung up to help small businesses automate their processes and save time and money. The best way to profit from all of this innovation is to first identify where you […]

Don’t Get Scammed, They Are Very Clever

Article Highlights: Scammers disguise e-mails to look legitimate. Legitimate businesses and the IRS never request sensitive personal and financial information by e-mail. Don’t become a victim. Stop—Think—Delete You may think we harp a lot on protecting yourself against identity theft. You are right…because having your identity stolen becomes an absolute financial nightmare, sometimes taking years […]