Why Should You Take The 2017 Roadcheck Seriously?

ROADCHECK 2017 The CVSA’s Annual International Roadcheck Inspection blitz will be held on June 6-8, 2017. Although CARGO SECUREMENT will be the main point of emphasis for inspectors this year, drivers must be ready for a Level 1 Inspection. LEVEL 1 INSPECTION Inspectors will primarily be conducting the Level I Inspection, which is the most […]

2 Driving Records?

Did you know that professional truck drivers have TWO driving records? One is their Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), like we all have.  In addition, they have a second record called CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability).  Their MVR affects their license to drive a truck.  Their CSA score affects their insurability. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: When […]

$1,500-An-Hour Attorney

According to the recent article, “Legal Fees Cross New Mark: $1,500 An Hour” in the Wall Street Journal, the day of the $1,500-an-hour lawyer has arrived.  Law firms are now charging whatever the market can bear.  So, how can people still obtain quality legal representation in this environment of skyrocketing fees and overwhelmed public defenders? […]