“We, as clients, greatly appreciate the service of Kerezman CPA & Company, P.C. It is a small business that offers personal attention. It is a very welcoming and kind environment. The staff is very knowledgeable and able to answer any question. We would highly recommend this accounting firm.” -Dr. John Bulger and Renee Bulger

“The most important business professional is a CPA, bar none. I have been running my own shop since 1995, and have been through a great deal of CPA tribulations one in particular I would liken unto a Piranha. Anyway, I finally found Terri. What a God send. I don’t mind paying my fair share in taxes at all, but Terri makes sure I don’t pay an extra nickel more! She is fair, honest and always just a phone call away. Terri explains things so I can understand, much appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Terri Kerezman for all your CPA needs.” Hal E. Briggs, Hal’s Quality Service Inc.

“We are happy to recommend Terri for any of your accounting needs.

It has been a pleasure working with Terri and her staff. The experience for us has been wonderful, and very personable. We have worked with CPA’s in the past that were stiff collared and very condescending. Not with Terri she puts a personal touch to the CPA business, and really relates to your needs. Prompt, Detailed, and Thorough.” –Gaylord and Beth Johnson

“As I have discovered “All CPA’s are not all the same.” Kerezman CPA & Company, P.C. has proven over and over that it pays to be working with a firm that stays up to date with federal and state tax laws. Specifically Terri Kerezman has brought to the table more than tax form filing. Her knowledge,advise and council has proven very valuable in my financial tax planning and in a number of my trust administrations. I have complete confidence that tax filings will be accurately and competently filed by Kerezman CPA & Company. Tax savings in past years has more than paid for the accounting fee charged by the firm.” –Flawn Sailor

“Terri inherited, through no fault of hers, a bad issue when a bank misfiled some IRA info with the IRS. They came after me like a lion after a gazelle, and Terri was able to finally show them the errors and got them off our backs.

This could have been very expensive if not corrected. Thank you Terri!” –Bud Holewinski

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